Membership Rates

Access Pass Membership
This level of membership is $35/month. You can start at any time during the month and the pass gives you access for 30 days. You'll have access to the studio equipment (see Facilities page) and free bisque firings. Although no personal storage space for tools, there is a shared warecart for in-process work. Many people use this membership as a way of accessing equipment such as the slab roller and spray booths and being around a community of other makers. They also do it as a way of getting into the studio while on the waiting list. Glaze firings are an extra fee, measured by the cubic inch or the full kiln load (ranging from $0.02 to $0.03 per cubic inch).

Shared Studio Membership
The monthly fee is $75 and includes access to the studio equipment, free bisque firings and a 2 ft by 6 ft shelf for personal storage. Glaze firings are an extra fee, measured by the cubic inch or the full kiln load (ranging from $0.02 to $0.03 per cubic inch).

Semi-Private Studio Space
This level of membership is $150/month and includes a designated semi-private studio space with two shelving units, a personal workshop table and 24-hour access to the studio. As with Access Pass and Shared Studio, bisque is free when included in community firings. Glaze firings are an added fee.

All levels of membership receive discounts on Studio classes and workshops, Gallery purchases and Crane Yard Clay supply.

Walk-In Firings
We also offer rates for walk-in firing that do not require a membership. Our typical firing ranges are Cone 04, 5 and 10 for glaze. We do have an allowance for other temperatures and all firing will be accepted at the discretion of the Studio Manager.

Studio Space Private Sq Ft Price
Access Pass N/A $35/month
Shared Studio Space N/A $75/month
Private Studio Space Approximately 60 sq ft $150/month
Large Private Studio Space Approximately 120 sq ft $300/month

Pay your Shared Studio Rent online
Access Pass - $35
Shared Studio - $75
Private Studio - $150
Large Private Studio - $300

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