Belger Arts has two facilities for programming. Each is supplied with everything you need to learn the basics or hone your master craft.

Belger Arts Teaching Studio, 2100 Walnut St, KC, MO
Based on the ground floor of the Belger Arts Center, the Teaching Studio has 2,000 square feet of space for classes such as Date Night, Kids and Kids+1 classes, as well as Summer Art Camp and for-credit collegiate classes in the summer. It also serves as the home base for our MakeMobile, a mobile art studio.

The Teaching Studio is furnished with 16 pottery wheels, 3 electric kilns, plenty of table work space, Cone 5 community glazes and all the basics you need for an introduction to working with clay during classes.

Belger Crane Yard Studios, 2011 Tracy Ave, KC, MO
Outfitted with the professional artist in mind, this studio boasts a 12,000 square foot facility that has semi-private and community work space, as well as a separate glaze room, plaster room and kiln room.

Community Studio:
12 Brent electric pottery wheels
One Brent kick wheel
Six 4x8 work tables
Large 30" North Star slabroller
Plenty of adjustable work stools
Wareboards made of a variety of materials
Four banding wheels or turntables
Three stainless steel sinks

Glaze Room:
Two large Laguna spray booths, with compressed air lines and lighting
Three large stainless steel work tables
A industrial-grade ceiling-mounted dust collector
One large stainless steel sink with multiple faucets
A bin full of cups, pitchers and other glaze pouring instruments
12 community glazes for each temperature: Low-fire (Cone 04), Mid-range (Cone 5) and High-fire (Cone 10 reduction)

Kiln Room:
Six Skutt electric kilns; (1) KM 8-18, (2) KM 10-22, (2) KM 12-27, (1) KM 16-27
One Paragon test kiln
One 60 cubic foot Geil natural gas kiln
12 Amaco ware carts

Plaster Room:
Three generous work tables areas
One industrial-grade portable dust collecting unit
Drying rack
Buckets for mixing and cleaning plaster equipment
Cottle boards in a variety of sizes

Semi-Private Studio Space:
Approximately 60 sq ft
Two 2x6x6 foot adjustable shelving units
One lockable work table that is 28 inches wide adjusts to 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet long


@ Belger Arts Center

Red Star Studios
2100 Walnut St
Kansas City, MO 64108

@ Belger Crane Yard Studios

Red Star Studios
2011 Tracy Ave
Kansas City, MO 64108

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