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"I make sculptural vessels to comment directly on a state of mind of clarity and lightness when experiencing open landscape. I make pots to take part in nourishing the body with this same tone of mindfulness and meditation. Forming habits to take care of the self are worthwhile, therefore I devote myself to these processes that can soothe; where mind, body and land can combine like a song.

Spending long hours trail running has allowed me to gain access to a meditative state where unrestricted thoughts occur, creative thought flows, and complex problem solving comes with ease. In this trance, I cannot separate myself from my surroundings. I am no longer a body, a form, but I become what I see. I am within the landscape, as if my own rhythm has pounded me into a new existence."

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@ Belger Arts Center

Red Star Studios
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@ Belger Crane Yard Studios

Red Star Studios
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