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As a designer and classical craftsman I want to exhibit a strong hold on the skills and traditions of the past while providing a critical eye for the directions contemporary culture is taking. My passion is creating refined functional forms and questioning how they relate to heirloom status objects and contemporary media. Often I use my functional forms and family heirlooms as source material for creating larger mixed media installation, sculpture, and video. I am inspired by the relationship between traditional objects, studio practices, and contemporary culture’s rapid digital progression. I personally utilize new technology to integrate a wide range of craft disciplines. As a maker I believe in a responsibility to appropriately explore new media and technology as a means to improve our current lifestyle and cultural development. In a world that is more immediate and less moralistic every day, good craftsmanship, design, and material utilization is the answer to better living.

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@ Belger Arts Center

Red Star Studios
2100 Walnut St
Kansas City, MO 64108

@ Belger Crane Yard Studios

Red Star Studios
2011 Tracy Ave
Kansas City, MO 64108

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