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Ben Carter’s passion for clay has been a constant since he first sat at a potter’s wheel in his high school ceramics class. After the first week he naively and proudly declared that he would become an artist. This decision led Carter to Appalachian State University for a BFA in painting/ceramics and then on to a MFA in ceramics at the University of Florida. The ceramic departments at these schools armed Carter with the intellectual tools to problem solve everything from aesthetics to glaze chemistry. Carter’s most recent adventure has been moving to Shanghai, China to be the educational director of the Pottery Workshop Shanghai. Living in a country with a storied ceramic tradition opened his eyes to new techniques and perspectives. Whether it was his frequent trips to the Shanghai Museum, the dedicated group of students, or his interactions with Chinese coworkers, Carter learned new ways of thinking and making on a daily basis. He looks forward to what the future holds for him as a teacher and a maker.

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